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The Yakima Coffeehouse Poets presents Open Mic Night on the second Thursday (new night) of each month, September through May. We would like to thank The Seasons Performance Hall, 101 N. Naches Ave, in Yakima, for allowing us the use of its Main Hall. This event is open to the public and people are encouraged to read their original poetry (please keep your reading time to about 4 minutes). Donations are welcome at the door to help us reimburse The Seasons for utility costs.

Open Mic Night
Host: Terry Lockett
Thursday, April 12, 2018
 ~~ 7:00pm ~~

The Seasons Performance Hall
101 N Naches Ave, Yakima

Yakima Coffeehouse Poets 

Terry E. Lockett was the winner of the 2007 Yakima Valley Allied Arts Juried Poetry Contest and a former board member of the Washington Poetry Association. Her poems have been featured in Whispers & Shouts, Birds On A Line, Poetry Super Highway, Words-Myth, Weber: Journal of the Contemporary West, The Humanist, the Cascade Journal, the Yakima Coffeehouse Poetry Contest annual chapbook and other publications.

Yakima Coffeehouse Poets



When my weedy legs did not carry me home for supper  

you used to search for me
trumpeting my name between your fingers,
my plate cold and bare.
Dread pushed you down alleyways, across beet fields,
elbowing through corn and cattails
eyes scanning ditches and canals. 
Every unanswered call 

dredged up a father's worst nightmare:
the Wilson’s child who vanished 

from the face of the earth, a drowning…

Exhausted you'd circle back home
find me, at my place at the table
safe and sound—waiting.

Now it is me who searches for you—
in your shop, your red initials branded on tools,
the 1948 calendar from the ironworks.
Inside your tower of horseshoes, your jar of Liberty dollars.
At the old ranch in the shadow of cottonwoods,
behind that stir of willows and yellow reeds by the river.
Beneath your name on your marble stone
or in those high clouds above Mt. Adams.

But no matter how hard I try
you are always one step ahead of me.
Only when I trace my steps backwards

do I find you seized inside these words
like the pine two-by-four still in the bite of your saw.

 -Terry E. Lockett


Like the Poetry contest, Open Mic Night got its start at Allied Arts. The event was initiated in 2005 by local poet Elaine Smith and was encouraged by the former Allied Arts director Elizabeth Herres Miller and her successor Jessica Moskwa.  They felt a monthly forum where local poets could read original work would complement the annual contest. They were right. Poets Cindy Lamb, Ed Stover, Randie Gottlieb, Linda Brown and Chuck Forster have kept Open Mic alive.

Open Mic Night was popular at the outset and remains so as a program now run by the Yakima Coffeehouse Poets.  Come read a poem and meet your fellow Yakima poets.



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