Poets’ Brew

A new online publishing opportunity

Continuing through summer 2021!

Yakima Coffeehouse Poets presents the Poets’ Brew as a replacement of the popular 2020 Summer Online Open Mic.   (Our regular season of Open Mic moved to a Zoom™ format Sept. 9th, 2020.)

Selected poems will be published on the Poets’ Brew pages for the month and in the order in which they are submitted.  They are then forwarded to the YCP Facebook® page in a timely manner.

For additional information and submission guidelines, Link HERE.

September 2020 – August 2021…

Submission Guidelines

Poets’ Brew is a community online web page for poetry by Central and Eastern Washington poets. We invite all to submit poems to Poets’ Brew!  Here are the guidelines:

  • Submit poems to ycppoetry@gmail.com, one poem per poet per month. We are currently accepting submissions monthly.
  • Prompts from the YCP committee are suggested. Monthly prompts from the YCP committee can be found on the YCP Facebook page or by inquiry to ycppoetry@gmail.com.
  • A three person YCP review committee will select poems for publication from those submitted. The committee will negotiate edits for poems accepted for publication, for example, spelling and punctuation, but not content.
  • Selected poems will be published on the YCP Poets’ Brew page and forwarded to the YCP Facebook in a timely manner and in the order in which they were submitted.